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Privacy Policy

For us privacy for our valued customer is very important. We strongly believe that the personal information of our customers should not be shared with the third party without the prior consent or request from the customer. Privacy is the right of an individual and at Agroway, the information of the customer/user such as contact no., email, addresses etc is used only for the internal purpose and not for sale. We at Agroway condemn the unauthorized reach and misuse and/or disclosure of the personal information of the customer and we have strict guidelines and high security features to prevent the same. Any changes in our 'Privacy Policy' will be posted here on the website /app. The User / visitor of our channel /app, please take a note that your name, email address and other personal information submitted on our website may be stored with us and may also appear on the App as search results. Like other platforms our server log files also receives general information such as IP address of the visitor, cookie etc.

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